Ekaterina Ivanova Avramova – The Olympic Swimmer

Ekaterina Ivanova Refer To As Miss Butterfly:

5X Islamic Solidarity Gold Medalist, Double Olympian, Turkish National Record Holder, Galatsary And The European Finalist:

Ekaterina Ivanova Avramova Blackwolf Athlete

The 25 year old, elite swimmer and double Olympian athlete having competed in the London and Rio.

Miss Butterfly lives in the London, UK where she enjoys in the wonderful swimming club.

She was born in the country Bulgaria on 21 Nov 1991. Ekaterina began a swimming since she was only 6 years old only.

She started a swimming to overcome a fear of water. At the age of, she would cry at the thought of the shower so her family switched the fear into the competitive sport.

When Katy(Ekaterina) reached to the age 17, her family shifted to London from Bulgaria, the changing gave Ekaterina beautiful opportunities to develop as a competitive athlete.

With a water polo player for a mother and a handball player for a father, she involved to take up a competitive level sport.

Ekaterina Ivanova currently lives in the London and as a Turkey representation she considers as a national champion and a record holder in all sorts of short and long course backstroke events.

The “2017” is the year of shaping all life nicely through a lot of medals, best records at the recent British National, Turkish Nationals and most famous Ponds Forge Venue in the Sheffield, England.

The Biggest Achievement:

  • The biggest achievement is a Double Olympian (London 2012 and Rio 2016)
  • 5x Islamic Gold Medalist
  • European Championship Finalist
  • Semifinalist in World Championship
  • Turkish National Record Holder
  • Backstroke National Records.

The Recent Accomplishments:  Recently she has taken home 7 Gold medals and the 2 Silver medal in the new session competition.

Ekaterina Ivanova Avramova And Swimming

Why Do You Love The Swimming?

Ekaterina AvramovaI love swimming as it is one of the hardest sports because it depends upon your individual’s performance.

Work for a long hour in the early morning No matter how hard is your work. I love my hard regime. I’m able to push up myself forward to the limit.

During travelling, I like to travel a lot of different places and meet with a very interesting person.

The Swimming Is A Way Of My Life:

Swimming is a way of life for me as it shows what I have been doing in my whole life with best efforts.

Due to the swimming and the other sports I determined that we should never take a short cut for achieving a dream because there is only one way to come true your dreams is putting yourself on the hard works and a lot of efforts.

What’s The Reason Behind To Becoming A Professional Swimmer:

Despite from the talent I remember a day when I was watching an interview of the Gold Olympic medalist (for swimming in Bulgaria) in the Television.

I was just only 11 year old at that time.

The ups and down or feelings of winning and losing during my journey.

The both my journey and interview inspired and a source of dream to becoming the best or the professional swimmer of the Bulgaria ever had.

Ekaterina Ivannnova Avramova Thoughts:

Where The Inspiration Is Coming From For Your Training And Improvement For Goals And How You Are Motivated With A Strict Workout Plans In The Gym?

Fabulous Ealing swimmer wins

The only one thing I would like to say that Success is like a drug, once you achieve it you never want to let it go or skip that’s a click going with me thus the dream of success and an alarm ring at 4:30 contributes me to push at outside in a dark and a cold winter morning.

Ekaterina Ivanova Avramova Main Goal For The Future:

I want to swim in Tokyo 2020 Olympic games as it is my main goal.

Meanwhile, I have many other competitions and the sports for targeting under the supervision of my couch.

Swimming is not like other sports, a platform where competitions are held within a weekend or in a month.

I’m keeping to improve my time as well as ranking though 2020 is the best year of achieving a success and goals.

The 14 years of hard training contribute to make me a professional swimmer.

What Makes You Different or a Great Athlete from The Average Athlete?

My favorite part of the training is that when I don’t want a workout and feels like to have some rest, but I gain success to end up with a great session to push myself and my mind also for a workout training that is the main difference between the average athlete and a great athlete.

What Is The Best Fitness Tip Of Ekaterina Ivanova For You?

Ekaterina Avramova Gold Medal winnerI recommended to all for “STRETCHING”. The one of the most important that you should do after every workout. No matter what the situation is or don’t you have any time.

Without this you can wasted all of your work and the time once you suddenly get injured.

My Olympic Games For The Countries Make People Surprised:

My first Olympic game for the Bulgaria and second for the Turkey, whereas I was born in Bulgaria but I switched my country representation to the Turkey that makes people surprised about me.

Ekaterina Avramova Training Guide With Workout Plans:

Ever wondered what it takes to be the Olympian swimmer. How much efforts it takes day in, day to compete at the highest level?

The butterfly lady said: As a full time professional swimmer and Olympic athlete, I often asked what my life consists of and activities. Believe me, I go to a restaurant, watch the movies and enjoy all sorts of sporting events, but definitely my training and everything that has linked to swimming is most important and has to come first in my life.

What My Days Looks Like Mostly?

The sum up of daily workout:

I get up early in the morning at 4:30am in the dark and a cold winter without any snooze buttons and lame excuses for doing nothing. The time is just getting straight out of bed. I don’t have any breakfast at that time.

At 5:20am I reached towards the pool and then continue swimming session until 7:30 to 8:30 depends upon the demand of the session. We undergo three laps of the pool for jumping on it, but we are very careful in the peak morning. The children’s should not run around the pool due to the dryness.

I have a 30 minutes of stretching, then leave a pool as well as after workouts, the stretching is the most avoided element of fitness but it is more important.

The most favorite part of the training is Stretching, I wish more people pay attention towards the stretching.

At 7:30 am to 8:30 am, after complete my pool training I have a breakfast. The breakfast is not loaded with many items. Usually one banana or two.

After completing my swimming session and breakfast at 8- 9:30 am, I begin to cover the gym for a workout where I spend my half hours with the weight and dry land session. The work in the gym is all about the talk of weights and stretching.

I work on the three exercises for building up the strength which are Pull Ups, dips and leg extension. The power developing by these exercises are entirely resembles with my stroke event.

10:30am, I get back at home and have a breakfast.

11:30-4pm is the time to go for a sleep. We will be useless and can not focus on the workouts without any sufficient rest. The sleep is most important as it contributes to work hard and allow for more workout.

The wake up call at 5pm allow me for a second session training and a land training at 6pm which is last until 8 pm. The trainings are sit-ups and press-ups at that time.

8PM:  I go back at home and have a meal time. Then a free time is spent on the dinner and bed. The workout routine involving a morning and an evening part is similar in a whole week.

Days Workout
Monday   Based On The Dry Land Training

Push Ups, Planks, Sit-Ups, High Jumps And Body Weight Exercises

Tuesday   Weight Training

Dips, Pull Ups And Leg Extensions

Wednesday   Half Day
Thursday   Same As Monday
Friday   Same As Tuesday

The Training Duration:

Ekaterina training  season is 11 month longs in which she train a 7 day (Weekly). I have 10 swimming sessions and 4 to 8 sessions in the gym perform that depends upon the training cycle.

The Running Is Part Of Workout:

Generally there is not a perfect combination of swimming and running. As I can swim forever, so I spent a 5 min on the running around 5km.

The breathing in swimming and breathing during running are totally different.

Powerbags And Sandbag Weights Are Ideal For The Bodyweight:

I train to work with body weight and then able to work by adding weights up to 25 kg such as the Powerbags and sandbag weights

Ekaterina Avramova Diet Plans:

As a swimmer, I am able to eat a lot of food somehow I do be careful in order to maintain a healthy food.

The September begins with a more carbohydrates diet because the sessions are long and consisted with more aerobic sessions that’s the reason to load my diet full for the season.

When I become closer some steps to my achievements, I switched carbohydrate diet into protein diet in the middle of a season.


Ekaterina Avramova dietThe breakfast generally includes in the toast slices, poached eggs, a bowl of porridge, ham or salami and a glass of fresh juice.

I make my drinks own as the main ingredient which I used to add in a drink is “Ginger”. The ingredient is not just because of the benefits, but it is added due to having a several benefits and it is good for the health.

If you consume more ginger in your diet, you are able to gain more benefits related to health.


The snacks are generally included in a couple of biscuits. Meanwhile, in craving time I generally grab a cup of coffee and a bowl of yogurt.


The lunch is loaded with an appropriate meal such as a crab, heavy because of the heavy training. The diet includes in the Pasta, chicken.

When there will be a competition so my lunch are switching into a lot of protein source, a lot of fish, vegetables and salad.

Time To Eat Everything:

When the time to eat almost desired foods so I prefer to eat cake and chocolate but within the discipline manner.

The Sunday is included in the pancakes and Nutella, which I love most.

Ekaterina Ivannova Avramova Is The Blackwolf Athlete

Why Do You Think That The Blackwolf Can Play A Role In Your Goals To Achieve?

I think the Blackwolf workout formula, is unique that work as a key to push up my workouts to the next level.

Something that I really need to start my day with energy and boost me before my workouts.

They work in a different way like super charge my morning sessions for a long hour and recover faster after a vigorous workout.

The way to keep my body healthy and fit can make a step closer towards my achievements.

Ekaterina Avramova First Priority To Become A Blackwolf Athlete:

She chooses to become a Blackwolf workout athlete is due to the products.

Ekaterina Ivanova Avramova

I always wanted a something that is complete in all aspects so I found a best three formula’s in Blackwolf that can fulfill the requirements of my body need as a source of Vitamins, Proteins and other essential nutrients which is better than the 15 tablets and 3 liters of liquid which I was taken previously.

But, now Blackwolf Workout makes my life easier to provide everything in only one.

The Ekaterina Ivanova Avramova Most Favorite Blackwolf Workout Supplement:

Her most favorite supplement of Blackwolf workout is Trail, a Pre-workout drink that is ideal for high intensity training session and to shed fat, allow me to start my day fresh with an explosive energy.