Ekow Essuman – The Athelete On Blackwolf Workout Supplements

The Engine, Olympic Boxer And A Blackwolf Athlete:

The Ekow Essuman, a professional boxer and the Olympic boxer in a Great British Boxing. He is also known as The Engine on the pro circuit and refer to as The Blackwolf athlete.

Ekow Essuman

The Engine name was earned by Ekow after an overwhelmed efforts due to an extreme level of stamina, energy and body physique.

Ekow works with the trainer Manager Jimmy Gill and Barrington Brown in fitness industry legends Gymnasium of Nottingham, UK and currently signed with Frank Warren Promotions.

He has a devastated plans for rising and to switching towards the World champion.

Statistics of Ekow Essuman:

  • Height of the body  = 5’10’’ or 178 cm
  • The Weight of the body= Welterweight

The weight in the boxing and other sports are remains in between the range of light weight or the middle weight (ranges from 63.5 to 67 kg)

Ekow Essuman Personal Bio-Data:

  • Date of birth: 30-30-1980 (age 28)
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Place of Birth: Botswana
  • Residence: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Ekow is a professional athlete (Box Nation). 60 kg/ 152 Ib Podium boxer in the team Of GB as a member to qualify for a medal in an upcoming Olympics. The training camps are for weekly includes Boxing tournaments and Boxing Tournaments within the UK and Abroad.

After becoming a welterweight boxer, he joined the British Lion Hearts (World series, boxing team) for about 2 years and 1 month of the time period.

He worked as an Online Marketing Assistant and Volunteer Marketing Coordinator.

Podium Squad Boxer From Amateur To Professional Boxer:

Ekow Essuman, 27 year old was struggling to make his name in a professional boxing after linking with a Frank warren (top promoter), related to the promotional deal.

Ekow Essuman Blackwolf Athlete and Boxer

The Great Britian podium squad boxer relished a novice career and struggling to show up a massive or real talent.

He started his career at the age of 16 and took steps as competitively at the age of 17 where he rapidly made her place as an Amateur Boxing association prospect.

Even though with less experience, his devotion, commitment and a backbreaking work give success in a less time period.

The British Olympic Association:

The team “GB” from the British Olympic Association called after a training or trail of 6 months duration and completed competition over 40 boxers.

The team trained for 5 days in a week in all over the world for against completion with European Medalist, from that time to the current time, he marks as a professional fighter.

Ekow Against Tommy Lanford And Anthony Fowler In 2013:

He marked up a win in 2013 against Tommy Langford (British Middleweight Champion) and Anthony Fowler (World championship Gold medalist) while successfully accomplished a career as a beginner.

Ekow Assuman said! My amateur career initiated at the age of 17 years old, the time where I  was boxing or beating by many top rated fighters in the England.

After a few months on the trail with a GB team I was continued onto the Podium Potential Team where I triumphed with a best fighter around the world”

The Ekow Essuman Thoughts

Ekow Essuman thought on boxing

The Indivdividual’s Performance:

Why Ekow choose a boxing? I got into this field because I loved to involved in a sport where every person recognized by his hard work.

The whole work is depends upon an individual’s performance not the teamwork, I am invited to the training at the Bilborough Boxing club with my friend to staying fit.

After a month, I recognized that the boxing was not much complicated and it is a far simpler sport. Through many aspects, I realized that I fell in the love with the sport.

Boxing Is An Art Of Hitting:

Boxing is something like that it is a big art of hitting, where your target is to hit and not getting hit. The sport where I feel my mental and physical levels are at the peak, it resembles with a chess, not completely but in some way.

The Biggest Achievement:

My immense or enormous triumph is grasping on the team “GB Boxing team” and then asked for the Podium Olympic Team, where 40,000 numbers of amateur boxes.

Love With An Overwhelmed Work:

I love being hard working. My aspirations and motivations pumps me toward a long haul work as best as I can.

Ekow Essuman Workout Plans (From 7am to 6Pm)

Ekow Essuman workout plan

7am Workouts Are Starter For Sweating Awash By Sprint Session And Hill Sprints:

Ekow wake up at the 7am early in the morning every day and then go out for a jog or run. (This involves a cardio exercise, sprint session, hill sprints and a sustained jogs.

10am Is Padded With Some General Fitness:

The training session starting from the 10am in which those workouts are included which can boost up my strength. Other workouts Include in the hitting to boxing bags and sparring for maintaining my general fitness level.

6PM Is Loaded With Boxing Techniques As Boxing Drills Are On The Top:

The 6pm is the time of boxing techniques through hitting the pads and a boxing drills to learn about the new or unique techniques.

Week With A Workouts  And Sparring Is The Best Part Of Workouts:

My training time line for 2 or 3 times in a day per week. (Monday to Friday)

In my opinion the Sparring is a best or closest in a boxing match because you can judge yourself in training aspects, that on what level your determinations are reaching.

Ekow Essuman Diet Plans 

Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet, Good Fats, Fiber Foods And Protein Foods:

The diet is contained with a low carbohydrate high fat diet in the training camps for the fighting.

Ekow diet is full of the protein sources, good fats and a lot of fiber foods.

The major source of protein is meat and the fruits are a key source for fiber content: 

There is a limiting carbohydrates in the diet for losing up the weight properly.

How Ekow Stays Motivated With A Strict Workout In The Gym Or With A Strict Diet?

Being in the gym with a workout is a part of my lifestyle.

Blackwolf Workout Athlete Ekow Essuman

My trainer, coaches and other boxers keep me activating through jokes or prank. It is not a deal with a gym because we also made a plan for eating on cheat days.

Ekow Goals For The Future: 

I want to become a British boxing champion and then boost my level to a World champion. I know this is not easy as a piece of cake, it is full of overloaded hurdles or the complications, but I have a strict plans for this achievement.

Where The Inspiration Comes From?

I am always inspired by my parent’s due to their devotion or determination which boost my level up to maximum, no matter what kind of situation is coming, I always aim to do my best.

I want to best in my every part of the training.

Ekow Essuman Fitness Tip:

The mental reliance is a key to get a fitness though it can improve your body and all over fitness level.

Blackwolf Athlete:

Why Do You Prefers To Become A Blackwolf Athlete?

I choose to become a Blackwolf athlete because the product pushes me 10 steps forward to achieving my goals.